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Why choose us?


Harley Street

With an internationally renowned reputation for our biological approach and motion philosophy, MSK Doctors is setting a benchmark in musculoskeletal health. With the clinics in London Harley Street and our own computer vision robotic centre in Lincolnshire, we can help patients access the best technology for treatment and diagnosis.

International Federation of Sports Medicine Approved

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Why Open MRI Lincolnshire?

Clinical diagnosis is the process of diagnosing a condition based on a patient’s symptoms and medical history. Diagnosis is often difficult because of the complexity of the musculoskeletal and all its structures, and the many possible causes of a particular symptom. 


Your scan and diagnosis by MSK specialists are internationally renowned and have set a gold standard benchmark in the imaging, diagnosing and treatment of all MSK disorders and injuries, our patients MRI scans are not outsourced, each scan is examined by our consultant MSK specialists. With clinics in Harley and our own computer vision robotic centre here at Open MRI Lincolnshire, you can be assured of the best care, using the best technology, providing our expert team detailed images, so that they can make an accurate diagnosis, and provide you with the best treatment options. 

Consultant only

We focus on musculoskeletal care, we only work with the best UK Certified Harley Street Specialist Musculoskeletal Consultant Radiologists (doctor) and do not use reporting Radiographers.


As we believe ‘The eye cannot see what the mind does not know’.

The Only Open MRI Scanner in the County

Dynamic Motion MRI Scan

Dynamic motion MRI scans are revolutionising the way injuries are assessed, diagnosed and treated. Watch a video explanation here. 


Why should I consider having a private MRI scan?

With NHS waiting times still at a record high. The reality is that the waiting lists for MRI scans were already a problem prior to COVID, the pandemic just significantly increased the burden on the NHS, so booking your own MRI scan helps reduce the NHS waiting list. 

However the biggest benefit to patients is that a quick MRI scan, with expert diagnosis gives you a diagnosis tand tretment options that can give you the option of starting treatment much more quickly. 

At Open MRI Lincolnshire  you can book a scan quickly and receive your MRI results quickly (usually within 24 hours). Importantly your scan will be examined by our own orthopaedic (MSK) experts and specialists, so you will have the peace of mind that your results, diagnosis and treatment options are reported and considered by the best in the field, and quickly. 


Following your scan you will also have access to other expert medical resources and multi disciplined teams, which are consultant led, and you will be advised of the best possible treatment options avaiallbe to you and which suit your needs. 


“A perfect service from start to finish, Thank you.”
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