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Medical Legal Scans

We work with solicitors and a medical legal agency to provide private scans for personal injuries and medical negligence claims.


We specialize in Musculoskeletal imaging, we can provide a multi disciplinary team approach with our expert partners here at MSK Doctors to provide speedy and reliable reports.

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Medical & Legal -
MSK Specialist
Scan & Report Service

At Open MRI we have expert orthopaedic specialist consultants, who are able to scan patients with any musculoskeletal injury or condition at short notice (2-5 working days). 

Our MSK consultant specialists can provide expert opinion and report on all MSK (musculoskeletal) including lumbar spine, thoracic spine, cervical (neck), hip, knee, wrist, elbow, shoulder, knee. We can scan patients in the position of pain which is a huge benefit for reporting and diagnosis. 

We offer very competitive pricing with 1 part MRI scan and reporting pricing [Text Wrapping Break]Our MRI Scanner is open, and therefore suitable for those patients who are claustrophobic, or who have a large BMI. 

An advantage of booking an MRI scan through Open MRI, is that you are assured of the highest quality and expert reporting, as we specialise in musculoskeletal injuries and conditions we do not diversify. Our MSK (musculoskeletal) consultants are world renowned and nothing is too complex.  

We work with a multi disciplinary team, and choose experts which are the best for each case, providing private scans and accurate reporting in a quick time frame. 

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