Open MRI

The future of magnetic imaging for bone, joint and cartilage 

What is Open MRI ...

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging which is a way of taking pictures inside the body without using x-rays, not emitting ionising radiation.

Open MRI is suitable for certain parts of your body, including bones, soft tissues and the brain, using one of the most advanced imaging techniques to date. MRI uses a very strong magnetic field which allows doctors to see inside your body in a way previously only possible through surgery.

Open MRI delivers the same level of accuracy as a traditional scanner; however, all four sides of the scanner are open, therefore reducing the risk of claustrophobia and panic attacks.


Open environment 

Open MRI is a dedicated solution for Sports & Musculoskeletal Medicine specialists, covers all musculoskeletal anatomy from foot to shoulders, including the L and C-spine. The Open nature of the scanner make the dynamic motion scan possible. 

 Musculoskeletal Specialist

Working with MSK Doctors, Open MRI can offer fast, accurate and bespoke solution for injuries, arthritis and health screening needs.


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