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Hip Pain Diagnosis

Hip pain is a common symptom of many different conditions and can range from mild to severe. Diagnosing the cause of hip pain can be difficult and requires a thorough physical examination and imaging tests. Here at Lincoln Open MRI we can offer you expert diagnosis of your hip, and diagnose the issue and guide you through the best treatment options for you. Early diagnosis and treatment of hip pain is important in order to get the best outcomes and to avoid further complications.


The first step in diagnosing hip pain is to take a detailed medical history. Our team will ask questions about your symptoms, the location of the pain, and the duration of your symptoms. They may also ask about your medical history and any family history of hip problems, prior to your scan appointment. An Open MRI scan will provide valuable information about the structure and function of your hip joint, by detecting fractures, degenerative changes, and other abnormalities, an MRI is also able to provide us with more detailed information about the structure of your hip joint and can help to diagnose conditions such as bursitis and tendonitis.

Early diagnosis and treatment of hip pain can help to reduce pain, improve function, and prevent further complications. If you are experiencing hip pain, it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible in order to get the best outcomes. Our quick scan results at Open MRI are fast, usually delivered within 48 hours, giving you an expert diagnosis and guide you through the best treatment options.

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