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The only
Open MRI scanner
in Lincolnshire

The future of magnetic imaging for bone, joint and cartilage in the heart of Lincolnshire

What is Open MRI?

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging which is a way of taking pictures inside the body without using x-rays, not emitting ionising radiation.

Open MRI is suitable for certain parts of your body, including bones, soft tissues and the brain, using one of the most advanced imaging techniques to date to carry put investigative and diagnostic imaging. MRI uses a very strong magnetic field which allows doctors to see inside your body in a way previously only possible through surgery. This allows greater clarity and understanding of what is going on inside the body that may be causing problematic symptoms like knee pain, hip pain or other musculoskeletal issues.

Open MRI delivers the same level of accuracy as a traditional MRI scanner; however, all four sides of the scanner are open, therefore reducing the risk of claustrophobia and panic attacks that many patients report with traditional MRI scanners.

About Us

Open MRI is a dedicated MSK scanner, endorsed by FIMS.the International Federation Of Sports Medicine. The scanner is its ability to offer true motion sequences, allowing the MSK consultants at Open MRI to assess the anatomy in real time, which is hugely beneficial to patient diagnosis.


Using this specialised MRI technology, Open MRI Lincolnshire is passionate about providing the best diagnostic imaging available and guiding you through your scan results, and advising you of the best treatment options. Open MRI is unique because we have a dedicated team of consultant level specialists who look at each scan providing expert diagnosis, we do not outsource any scans for diagnosis, we can provide you with the highest level of clinical expertise to scan and diagnose. We are committed and passionate about providing you with the highest level of care from scan right through to diagnose and treatment options, your MRI scan results are delivered fast usually within 48 hours.


Open environment. Dynamic Solutions .

Open MRI is a dedicated solution for Sports & Musculoskeletal Medicine specialists, covers all musculoskeletal anatomy from foot to shoulders, including the L and C-spine. The Open nature of the scanner means that it is possible to carry out dynamic motion scans and provides greater diagnostic capabilities. 

 Musculoskeletal specialists at your fingertips. 

Working with MSK Doctors, Open MRI can offer fast, accurate and bespoke solution for injuries, arthritis and health screening needs without the need for referrals or waiting lists. With our pay as you go service, you can bypass lengthy waiting lists and have your MRI quickly at a time that suits you and your schedule. Once your MRI is carried out, our team of specialists will follow up with you and discuss the results, any diagnoses and work out any necessary treatment plans, putti g you back in control of you musculoskeletal health. 


Why an Open MRI?

MRI imaging is a type of diagnostic imaging that uses a strong magnetic field and radio waves to create detailed images of the body’s internal structures. MRI can be used to diagnose a wide range of conditions, at Open MRI Lincoln we specialise in diagnosing musculoskeletal disorders.

MRI imaging is highly sensitive, which means that it can detect even small changes in the body’s tissues. MRI is also very versatile, as it can be used to image both soft tissues and bones. This makes it an ideal imaging modality for diagnosing complex conditions.

MRI imaging is non-invasive and does not involve exposure to radiation, making it a safe and effective imaging modality. An open MRI scanner is also more comfortable for patients than other imaging modalities, and you are not confined to a small space, as the scanner is of an open design.

MRI imaging has revolutionised the way specialists can diagnose and treat all aspects of MSK conditions. At Open MRI Lincoln we can provide detailed images of the body’s internal structures, which help our expert team of consultants led by Prof Paul Lee make an accurate diagnosis and develop an appropriate treatment plan. MRI is also non-invasive and does not involve exposure to radiation, making it a safe and effective imaging option for you.

Don't wait any longer, book your Open MRI today!

The NHS is under unprecedented strain meaning long waiting lists for diagnosis and treatment. Booking your scan with Open MRI means you don't have to wait and can begin to address the pain or life limiting symptoms that you're experiencing. From speeding up access to treatment, giving health peace of mind or even simply providing a non claustrophobic solution for scanning, Open MRI is available for everyone. You're also helping the NHS by using open MRI scan as this will release and protect the limited NHS resources to cancer patients. So don't wait any longer, book your scan with the only Open MRI scanner in Lincolnshire. 

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