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Our Services

We offer a range of MRI scans to meet your specific needs. From basic scans of one area to multiple or dynamic scans, we have the facilities to carry out scans from our Lincolnshire clinic quickly and effectively with fast result turnaround.

Why Open MRI?

No referral required

Pre-scan consultation

Consultant Radiologist report

Digital copy of MRI images

Post scan one to one discussion

Referral to MSK Doctors with special rate


Open MRI scan on a single part of the body.


Common areas:

  • Knee 

  • Hip

  • Lumbar Spine

  • Shoulder

  • Elbow

  • Ankle

  • Foot

  • Wrist

Additional Area

Each additional area will add an additional 40-50 minutes to the scan protocol. We recommend a maximum of 3 areas to be scanned in one sitting.



Dynamic Scan

Our Open scanner can perform dynamic / movement MRI scans. This is a highly specialised examination would require a 90 minute time slot.


Screen Share or F2F Appointment

Go through your scan slide-by-slide with our Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon.


Enquire about our services today and get the answers you've been waiting for.

What Our Clients Say


Open MRI Patient

"Easy access, always available, the only open mri scanner in the county that is dedicated to bone and joints scanning."
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